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- Among the head-scratchers I've heard since mid-September from some circles around Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant: "He's not clutch." This is baffling, for a person who values baseball and language both in high esteem. I suppose people are allowed to use their definitions for a word, but this examines the bizarre clutchiness claim against the Cubs most recent MVP and Rookie of the...

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- Major League Baseball has been tweaking various rules over the last few seasons. The ostensible reason is to improve the pace of play. The way I see it: Some of these rule changes, particularly the automatic intentional walk rule and the reduction in mound visits, have shaved a few seconds off game time. If MLB really wanted to improve the pace of play, they'd institute a pitch clock and enfor...

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- It is that time of year again. The deadline to protect eligible players from the Rule 5 Draft by adding them to a club's 40-man roster falls this Wednesday, so let's take a look at the decisions the Cubs will be facing this week. Last season the Cubs added just one prospect (Justin Steele) from their system prior to the deadline. It's possible the organization takes a similar approach ...

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news from Monday, November 18, 2019


- The latest Tweets from Jordan Bastian (@MLBastian).'s Cubs reporter ('19-present). Previously: Cleveland ('11-18) and Toronto ('05-10). Go right through for MSU. Blog: IG: bastianmlb...

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